Includes Beacon Device, Set Up Programming,
Creation of your first Landing Page, and Training.
$48 monthly support fee What’s included?

What is Proximity Marketing?

Beacon technology developed by Google

Passively communicate with more than 50% of nearby smartphones via Bluetooth.

Beam your message 100 to 200 yards in every direction onto people’s smartphones, 24/7/365.

How does it work?

The APPsolute Proxee is a low-cost, low-powered battery-operated device that transmits via Bluetooth technology.

It’s like having a team of people around the clock handing out flyers to anyone that passes by your business. Only these flyers are interactive!

People get a push notification that links to a targeted landing page with customized content.

Any type of content from images, photos, videos, lead capture forms and more can be designed into custom landing pages.

QR Codes are included to broaden exposure of your information.

Foot traffic, interest and profits all increase.

Sample Landing Pages

Just click on the link from your phone to scroll through and see for yourself what a landing page might look like for your business.

Why APPsolute Proxee?

It’s part of a near decade long company that specializes in mobile marketing solutions for small businesses.

With a proven record of dedicated customer service and leading-edge technology.

APPsolute Marketing has a longstanding commitment to your success.

“Big Business Impact for a Small Business Price!”

Large corporations are taking advantage
of this marketing tool

Why aren’t you?

Based on Google technology, Android users (82% globally and 65% in the U.S.) will be the first to receive your marketing messages. By promoting physical web APPs in your marketing, Apple users will get them, too.

With any new technology, it starts out very expensive so the early adopters were the Big Companies and Industry Leaders.

What comes with the Proxee?

1 Proxee / Bluetooth Broadcasting Device

Range – a radius of 100-200 yards

Setup programming

Landing Page QR Codes to extend their use

Monthly support includes

Back office CMS with Analytics

Landing Page Builder

Campaign and Custom Form Builder

1 Managed Landing Page Changes Per Month

Unlimited Client Changes Per Month

Training & Lifetime Support

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